Jigsaw Puzzle Collection HD App Reviews

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You go to help to ask a question and it gives you the opposite. I want to know how to rotate a puzzle piece and it tells me how to turn it off. Not what I asked.


I think it’s sad that it doesn’t save a puzzle your working on. Money money money 😢

Adware in App?

I really like this jigsaw puzzle app very much, especially the daily free puzzles. However, after using the app repeatedly for over 30-45 minutes, my IPad response gets so slow that I have to power down and restart. Not positive it is this particular app, but this does not happen with any other games or apps, so not sure what the issue is. If it is something within this app, sure hope the creators can fix it, because I like this app better than other jigsaws puzzle apps, and I play it daily!

Jigsaw HD

I am a 72 year old disabled veteran and I enjoy this puzzle program a lot. It is fun and it gives me some cognitive challenge. I was never a fan of puzzles before. The pieces dumped on a table would get lost and the table was covered with pieces and not available for other use. The program allows me to work at my pace and to exit whenever I want and to pick it up from where I left off. I have a tight budget and have been able to spend my time, and not my money, enjoying many hours of puzzles. Thank you to the program producers.


Very glitchy. Freezes momentarily all the time. If you can get that fixed I would give this app a better review. Otherwise it’s very good.

Great App

I didn’t know I liked making puzzles on my iPad until I saw this in the App Store. I figured I’ll try it. I am so hooked. This app has the most beautiful pictures. AND you can go into your gallery and take any one of your own pictures to make into a puzzle. It’s awesome. Yes there are picture packages that they advertise to buy, but they also have specials frequently for free. And each download has a package of 4 or 5 different pictures. The controls are awesome too. So easy to use. A child can use it. Yes...you can choose a 12 piece puzzle for a child with their favorite character. Just take a picture/screenshot of the character, save it to your pictures then choose it when you’re in the app. My granddaughter loves it too. I can’t say enough about this app. It’s the only puzzle app I’ve ever downloaded; but it will be the last. There is no need for anything else. This one does it all. THANK YOU!

Love it!

Love my puzzles! Have to do one every day!

Fun but annoying

Love the variety of free puzzles and they challenge they provide. However, I paid the $3.99 today to not have the ads and I’m still getting them.

Love these puzzles!

Variety is terrific. Colors are so vibrant.

Jig saw puzzles

Very relaxing

Never thought I’d like this

I honestly never thought about doing puzzles but this is beyond fun to get me sleepy and decompress after a long day of working.

Love it!

I love this app. I use it everyday and I’ve recommended it to many people.

Entretenido y variado

Versátil no te aburres

Love the puzzles!

Wish there were captions saying where pictures were taken.

Bad Ad's

This game has miss leading Ad's. It has one that looks like someone sent you an email. So not thinking i activated and it was an ad. Just finishing up puzzles I have purchased and then I am done with the game. Just be honest.

Great Puzzles, But......

I love this puzzle app. Use it every day. However, I would prefer choosing the puzzles THAT I WANT; instead of you adding puzzles that THAT I DON’T NEED OR WANT, ok?

Endless Ads that Blare Out Even When Sound Is Off

The puzzle app itself is great, but the ads are the most obnoxious I have ever experienced! I literally spend more time wading through them than on solving the puzzles. Worst of all, they use loud sound that ignore the volume settings on my iPad. I can no longer play in public because my iPad will suddenly start blaring the insipid music. I have all sound turned off in the app settings, and my iPad muted. There is a mute button within the ads themselves, but first you have to find it, and then it takes a second to apply itself. And the ads get worse with every new release of this app. I thought it was a plan to force me to buy a paid version, but I can’t find one if it even exists.


I love it so. My time. My thoughts. Gratifying. Just beauty, my thoughts, and beautiful music. After 40 years of Appeals and Trials, I’m more than ready for peace and beauty. I find both here. JCD

A 3 review !

I like the app except, the single pieces on the work area do not lock in place, it’s a pain trying to keep them in neat orderly spots. More important, you can put the outside pieces only to show in the tray but cannot do the same with the inside pieces.I consider doing the outside pieces before the inside is finished cheating! With these issues in the app it then would be a 5+ rating. Thank you Herbert Sullivan

Fun but...

My rating is based on the fact that I couldn’t recover my purchases after accidentally deleting the program from my iPad.

Jigsaw HD

I have enjoyed the great puzzles and can recall some of the places which I had the great gift of traveling to these places but would love if you could put the name of places. Thank you

If you’d asked me yesterday....

I loved this up until the most recent update and all of the pop-up ads began to inundate my playtime. I didn’t’ mind the banner on the side (placed precisely where I would accidentally “bump” it and open the ads), but now it’s just annoying. I’m hoping that the designers will go back to the way it was. To quote The Beatles, “How I long for yesterday.”


I enjoy working the free puzzle every day but wish the area that stores the pieces was so I could see the edge pieces better. When you offer a 3 pack, could you note the number of pieces in each puzzle? Also, could the puzzles that have peen played be stored in an area and not with the unplaced puzzles. I do like the notes in the store about which ones I have played and which ones to get. Thanks.

Daily puzzles

Loose the music and please change the pieces, they are always the same Thanks

What happened?

This was my favorite jigsaw app but today it has been driving me crazy. I understand that ads are necessary and I have never minded them but today I started getting ads that stop loading! I have sat longer than 2 minutes waiting for an ad to load. I don’t have that kind of patience so I close the app.

Downgraded my last review

I’ve been forced to downgrade from 4 stars because when you select a puzzle to work you are given an ad. It used to be you worked your puzzle and then were presented with an ad. What the developers don’t seem to realize is that about 30% of all ads on their site do not load. You then have to close the app, reload, see their “offer” then re-select your puzzle, get another ad that may or may not load, and then hopefully get to work your puzzle. This is happening AFTER the update that has supposedly fixed the problem. The extra ads have been added in the past week or so. Just being forced to see what amounts to triple the ads is annoying enough. I know they have to pay the bills so its part of the price of playing for free but they should play every ad on their site several times to make sure the programming is compatible. Much of it isn’t. It might help the developers to know that every ad failure has one of those round things at the top right that fills over 5 seconds. Ads with an “X” load perfectly.


Really cool and fun for your mind.

Great puzzles

I now have 161 puzzles on my iPad. I have solved about 140 of them. I would like to be able to hide all the puzzles that are already solved. It is very tedious to look through so many puzzles when I want a new puzzle to work on. If I delete the puzzles I have completed the I run the risk of repurchasing the same puzzle again. Is there a solution to my situation?

Best of all jigsaws!

Tried some others but they all lack something this app has: the pictures are beautiful and varied, the packs are great for the price too, 45 puzzles for $4.00 is a real good deal, this has become my new job since retirement...I love it!!


I think you sobs cheat. Purchase was good for one visit and not available later. What gives? Just purchaser?


The ap is great but I would love to know how to stop the constant advertisements that stay on the side of my screen and interrupt more than I want?

Fun but the ads RA total PITA!

I paid the upgrade thinking the ads would stop. I think the got worse! The app is fun but a total PITA to use. I would like to use it more frequently but they need to stop with the ads. The upgrade allows me to use my own photos, so I have no intention of buying anything else! Gimme a break, please!!! UPDATE: Your response does NOT address the issue, it only addresses the free option. If I pay to upgrade an app, I fully expect that ads no longer will be ‘shoved down my throat.’ You can still provide a purchase section without being obtuse about it. It is your poor response that has prompted me to lower my rating to 2 stars. UPDATE 2: since I complained, the ads have worsened. They are so annoying it completely overshadows any fun the app might have been. I do NOT need to buy pictures. I have THOUSANDS of my own. If I ever run out, there are millions of free ones on the Internet. Please stop these crap or I will be forced to remove this app, I’ve already cut my usage of it by 90%. STOP!


Amazing pic’s.

Jigsaw puzzles

After I got done with all the free puzzles, there are no more. I am not going to pay for puzzles. I am very unhappy with it.

Ok not great

Would like to know what and where pictures are. And the ads pop up and prevent you from seeing the final pic.

Jigsaw puzzle HD

I would love this puzzle but I had to uninstall this puzzle again for the 5th time in order to get the puzzle fables and now I have to install all of the free puzzles and the company isn’t very corrective with me at all Thank goodness I got a refund from this company after I bought it to get rid of the adds and it still making my iPads slow

Frustratingly dreadful!

in the middle of the game app freezes and when I try to place tiles the board expands and shrinks and tiles cannot be moved. I paid for this thing and it does not work!!!

Best puzzle app!!!

I tried several puzzle apps and this one is by far the best! The puzzles are beautiful. There is a great variety. I love the daily free puzzle and the mystery puzzle feature. There was recently a bug with an update. I contacted Valeria in customer service. I received a prompt, courteous reply. The app was fixed within a short time. I was updated by email a few times. Excellent customer service. This is the puzzle app to choose !!!

HD jigsaws

Really relaxing for me. Lowers stress during my free moments love to do a quick puzzle to clear my mind. Leah Semi Truck Driver

Perfect pass time

As someone in their late eighties, it is challenging and brings hours of enjoyment.

White page appeared

Love this app. Was finishing a puzzle and the page went blank. Tried to reload and all it would let me do is open. When I opened, a blank white page? What do I do now?


Grate time

Great App

Love this app. Hours of fun and many levels of difficulties to allow for a natural path towards expertise. Must have app.

Jigsaw match

Very pleased that I found this app. Bringing me hours of pleasure

Love this app!!!

This app has really fun puzzles. Great colors! The best part is that you can customize the background colors, you can scroll through the puzzle pieces and see each one individually, and you can isolate border pieces! Plus the ads are not obnoxious with exception of one that you have to close the app in order to get rid of the ad. Love it! But what happened to the free puzzles?

The best puzzle app, period!

Plenty of free puzzles, with great photography to boot! Enjoy the free one daily. Many options on amount and shape of pieces as well as the ability to make puzzles out of your own photos! Love it!!!!


I thought if I upgraded it, I would be able to have more than 440 pieces! I was wrong. It is no challenge. Just the same as before. The other offers, weren’t what I’m expected.


Best puzzles on every level. Can’t stop playing. Thank you.

Jigsaw puzzles review

I think that jigsawHD is a great app it challenges me to have a growth mindset. It helps me find ways around challenges that I come across it makes my brain explode 🤯🤔🤔🤔👍🏻

Great fun

I love working these puzzles. They keep my mind from getting lazy. Thank you.

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